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Frankfurt at a Glance
Date: 13 June 2017
Place: Opernplatz
Start: 19.30 Uhr
Phone: +49 (0)69-6860-7015
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For additional information in German, please go to www.jpmccc.de

Some of the more than 1,000 Company Captains gather to hear about developments for June's 2008 JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt.

More than 1,000 Company Captains gather
to team up for 'Greener Tomorrow' in Frankfurt

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"Teaming Up for a Greener Tomorrow" was a focal point of the Company Captains meeting.

FRANKFURT, February 22, 2008 – With 67,270 entrants, the Frankfurt JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge was the world's largest road race in 2007. Nearly four months before this year's race on June 11, more than 1,000 Company Captains gathered in Frankfurt, a sure sign that excitement for this year's race is as high as ever.

The Company Captains met at the Hilton Hotel in Frankfurt to learn about new developments and reflect on last year's record-setting race. Representatives from leading European companies and organizations such as Abbott, Daimler, Deutsche Bahn, Farben Jenisch, Ministry of Science and Arts Hessen, Karstadt, Nintendo of Europe, Rowenta Werke, Taipei Commercial Agency, Workshop for Handicapped and Child Care Zwergnase made up part of a large vanguard of teams that will join forces for the 16 th annual JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge.

Among the things the Company Captains learned was that this year's event in Frankfurt will join with other races in the world's most popular corporate running series in an environmentally friendly “Teaming Up For a Greener Tomorrow” campaign. JPMorgan and Frankfurt race organizers are asking teams to join them in an effort to reduce the impact of the race on the environment.

“Large-scale sport events cannot only be developed into a high-class athletic and cultural presentation, but above all, into an environmentally-friendly activity with the help of an ecological concept,” said Siegmar Gabriel, Germany 's Federal Minister for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety. And, that is exactly what the JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt, as well as the other races in the Series, has set as a goal.

“We will do our best in continuing to optimize even the smallest details,” said Frankfurt race director Kirsten Fischer, pointing to traffic, energy, waste, material consumption, water/sewage, noise, catering and merchandising as some of the areas in which the Frankfurt event seeks to focus on using the best environmental practices to reduce its impact.

For example, said Fischer, the transport factor is especially important considering the enormous number of 67,000 athletes at Frankfurt. She noted that 80 percent of all runners at the event arrive via public transport or by foot, with 17 percent of all participants traveling in buses. Special offers from public transport providers have been forwarded to companies since 2002 and these are virtually always gladly accepted, she said.

Frankfurt also pioneered internet registration in the Series in 2004, and before that, Fischer said, the race registered entrants by using computer discs beginning in 1998. Over the years, said Fischer, that electronic focus has saved a huge amount of paper. Those are just some examples of greening effort that extends all the way to using environmentally-friendly printing ink on t-shirts given to finishers to asking caterers to use environmentally-friendly packaging and reusable dishes, she said.

Throughout its 15 year-history, Frankfurt also has created an environment that encourages fitness in the workplace and camaraderie among employees of all levels, two of the reasons the Corporate Challenge series was created in 1977. Teams literally arrive in downtown Frankfurt from throughout Germany on race day, race, and enjoy a festive atmosphere unlike any other.

“I've run world-class marathons and other big races,” said Birgitt Bohn of Alinea Financial Translations, last year's individual female champion with a time of 19:22. “I've experienced nothing like this. To have 60,000 people chasing you, and to have spectators on every inch of the course is incredible.”

To be a part of this year's JPMorgan Chase Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt, register online now through May 14 at the event's German-language website – www.jpmccc.de.

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