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The Shanghai Oriental Sports Center is the new race site for the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, scheduled for 17 September.

New site and date for
5th running of Shanghai race

SHANGHAI, June 2, 2015 — The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge® is returning to China for the fifth consecutive year, and you can register now.

The world-renowned J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge, a leading sport and social event for business communities around the world, will be held for the fifth time in Shanghai on 17 September 2015, with an anticipated, full capacity crowd of 10,000 participants at our new race site -- the Shanghai Oriental Sports Center.

“We are very excited that the Corporate Challenge is returning to Shanghai for the fifth consecutive year. Shanghai has become a vital part of this 13-city, seven-country, five-continent celebration of corporate fitness and camaraderie,” said David Li, chairman and chief executive officer of J.P. Morgan China. “The Corporate Challenge continues to bring the message of healthy competition, camaraderie, teamwork spirit and philanthropic effort to the Shanghai community, and reaffirms our long-term commitment both to the city and to entire China.”

Team building is a valued aspect of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Shanghai.

This year, the Corporate Challenge will be held in the golden September and at a vibrant venue -- Shanghai Oriental Sports Center. The new date will enable all participants of the race to enjoy a more comfortable hospitality at a pleasant weather; while the wide, flat race course and the staging area at the new venue will offer an unparalleled running experience.

The J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge made its debut in Shanghai in October 2011 and attracted an outstanding crowd of 3,807 participants from 178 companies, making it one of the most successful debut events in the history of the worldwide Series. Last October, the Corporate Challenge attracted the capacity of over 8,200 runners from 240 companies, representing a 115% increase in participation over the life of the event.

Event owner and operator J.P. Morgan was the largest participating company at the 2014 Corporate Challenge in Shanghai with 483 entrants. Eaton Corporation was the second with 391 and Bosch third with 327.

J.P. Morgan will make a donation to the Ai You Foundation in honor of the effort of all Corporate Challenge participants in Shanghai.

“This event is great in terms of promoting health and it is also a great opportunity to be part of a charitable event,” John Horgan, Senior Director at Molex, said after the 2014 Shanghai race. “Companies realize that and look at it as a unique opportunity.”

“Running has really taken off in China,” Howard Gough, Cigna's CEO for Middle East and China, added at the 2014 finish line. “Events like this raise awareness of fitness and how important that is. It's not just about your personal wealth, but about your personal health.”

Now in its 39th consecutive year of operation, the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Series featured an all-time record of more than 267,960 participants from 8,071 companies in 2014. The 5.6km team road race, along with the post-race hospitality, creates a unique opportunity for team-building, healthy competition, post-work camaraderie, and networking.

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