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Fibertech Networks
Founded in 2000, Fibertech Networks is again entering a team in the Chase Corporate Challenge at Rochester as part of its focus on employee well-being.

Award-winning focus on health gets
Fibertech Networks geared up for race

ROCHESTER, N.Y., April 29, 2009 — Waiting in a room at Fibertech Networks' corporate headquarters on Meridian Centre are six bicycles. They may not be the most impressive items visible at the privately held, high-tech broadband company created in 2000, but what they represent is impressive enough to be award-winning.

“John Purcell, our company president, bought the six bikes to keep here for our employees to use,” said Julie Willard, assistant to the president at Fibertech and the Company Captain for the firm's entry in the 2009 Chase Corporate Challenge. “We're just off a bike path and John thought having the bikes here might encourage employees to bike.”

Purcell's health-oriented philosophy doesn't stop with bikes. He has helped institute such a culture of health and wellness at the company that Fibertech was honored on April 24 as one of the winners of the Rochester Business Journal's “2009 Wealth of Health Award.”

In announcing the award, the Business Journal noted that: “66 percent of Fibertech staffers participate in efforts to improve their health and (the company) has an onsite wellness nurse who coaches employees on health issues.”

It's no surprise then that Fibertech will once again be participating in the Chase Corporate Challenge, scheduled Thursday, May 28 at 7 p.m. at the Rochester Institute of Technology. The philosophy of the Corporate Challenge to encourage fitness and camaraderie in the workplace helped attract a record crowd of 11,135 to RIT in 2008. It also fits in perfectly with the health and wellness philosophy at Fibertech.

“We have a lifestyle/wellness committee (at Fibertech) of eight or nine volunteers who meet to think of different things the company can do to help employees adopt or maintain a healthy lifestyle,” said Willard. “We encourage healthy lifestyle activities at no cost to our employees other than their time and commitment.”

In addition to having bikes available to grab for a quick ride on the nearby bike path, Fibertech distributes a monthly health newsletter to employees, rents a gym once a week for pickup basketball games, and keeps fresh fruit on hand for employees. Its wellness committee also seeks out events that will encourage employee fitness.

Reducing employee stress through healthful activities such as a the Corporate Challenge is more important than ever to companies such as Fibertech.

“We promote different events through the year,” said Willard. “For example, we are sponsoring entries this year for the Tour de Cure (a bike ride to benefit diabetes research) and, of course, we pay for our employees' entries in the Corporate Challenge.”

In challenging economic times, those efforts may be more valuable than ever, not only for employees, but businesses as well, said Willard.

“You hear so much nowadays about stress,” Willard noted. “It's counter-productive to have stressful employees. Stress free, healthy employees are just better employees.”

Fibertech Networks, which builds and operates fiber optic networks throughout mid-size cities in the Eastern and Central regions of the United States, has a company slogan of: “Customer driven. To the last mile.” At the 2009 Chase Corporate Challenge in Rochester, Fibertech also will go the extra mile to show its commitment to health and wellness in the workplace.


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