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Frankfurt at a Glance
Date: 13 June 2017
Place: Opernplatz
Start: 19.30 Uhr
Phone: +49 (0)69-6860-7015
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Winning the ultra-competitive Frankfurt J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge takes a solid team effort, and the victory last June by Runners Point was no exception. All four of its top finishers completed the Frankfurt course in less than 18 minutes. Running for the team at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Championship in Rochester on May 21 will be, from left: Joerg Neuhart, Henrik Göckeritz, Thomas Klingenberger and Wolfgang Mangold.

German champs aim to get to the point
quickly at Corporate Challenge Finals

2013 Frankfurt Championship qualifiers
2012 Teams Qualifiers
Henrik Göckeritz, Thomas Klingenberger, Wolfgang Mangold, Philipp Reinhardt
Anne Hegewald, Katherina Heinig, Ivonne Lehnert, Claudia Pusch
Daniel Heil, Vanessa Meyer, Peter Simon, Domenika Weiss

FRANKFURT, March 20, 2013 — For Thomas Klingenberger, the introduction to life in the fast lane of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge was as quick as a pass on the Autobahn.

"For me," said Klingenberger, "it was my first participation at the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge and I'm very proud to be a member of the Runners Point team. Before the race we did not expect that we could win because there were several other very good teams we had to beat."

Indeed, year-in-and-year-out, Frankfurt records some of the fastest times in the 13-city Corporate Challenge circuit at its mega-race, which last year attracted 68,586 runners from a record 2,761 companies in its 20th running. Yet, when the results were tabulated, there was Runners Point, a chain of running shops in Germany, sitting comfortably atop the standings for Men's teams.

Of course, when all four of your top runners finish the 3.5-mile (5.6km) urban Frankfurt course in less than 18 minutes, victory is not all that surprising. And Klingenberger? His first foray into the Corporate Challenge world lasted all of 17 minutes, 31 seconds as he led Runners Point to the Men's title at Frankfurt.

Runners Point was joined as Frankfurt's qualifiers for the 30th J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge Championship by Polizei Hessen — whose Katharina Heinig won the individual Women's title in 19:02 to lead the perennial powerhouse to the Women's team championship — and Mixed team winner Bereitschaftspolizei Sulzabach-Rosenberg. They have qualified to compete against the best teams from five continents in the 3.5-mile Championship that will be run just prior to the start of the regularly scheduled J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge on May 21 Rochester Institute of Technology.

Quite a force
Members of Polizei Hessen relax after last June's Frankfurt J.P. Morgan Corpoate Challenge in which they won the Women's title and one of their runners - Katherina Heinig (below) - won the individual women's title by 47 seconds in a time of 19:02. The Polizei Hessen Women's team has been a force in Frankfurt and the Series Championship, with six top-four finishes at the Championship in the past six years, including a title in 2007. The newest member of the team, Alexandra Stapf, says: "It's a great honour being on the team of the Police Hessen. I wasn't nominated directly, because a colleague of mine changed to the police at Berlin and couldn't start for our team anymore. I was really surprised and lucky about my nomination — at first I couldn't believe it, when the call of my boss reached me in the morning. I remembered the run in Frankfurt: it wasn't my day… I started too fast and broke after 2 km. It was the most awful run in my life and I really thought of (quitting) before the finish. Thank god I didn't! Otherwise I would have missed this big chance!"

"Our company has about 2,000 employees and I am one of four employees who have the opportunity to represent the company on this global event," said Klingenberger. "I am really proud that I could qualify for one of the best teams in the world, competing in J.P. Morgan Championship! I think, in our company, nearly everybody does sports and goes running regularly because we are a company from and for runners. I'm proud!"

"The Corporate Challenge means a lot to me because it’s my first competition outside of Europe," said Joerg Neuhart, who has replaced Philipp Reinhardt on the Runners Point team. "I have the opportunity to compete with runners from all over the world and the trip to America is certainly a highlight in my running career."

In addition to Klingenberger and Neuhart, Runners Point's team is made up of Wolfgang Mangold (17:45) and Henrik Göckeritz (17:53). The team is managed by Ulrich Amborn, an experienced international runner and member of the German 100km national team from 1995 to 2004.

"It was a great time of which I’m very proud," said Amborn of his team's effort.

The victory came to a company for which running is a passion, as well as a business.

"I work in a company which supports its employees with regard to sporting activities," said Göckeritz. "As a store manager, I have the freedom to organize my training independently. Running, for me, is the key to success at work and vice versa. I’m motivated to run by my success at work."

"I’m lucky that my hobby and my job as a running consultant at Runners Point match perfectly," said Mangold. "The experiences I gain in running really help me in everyday work. My passion is triathlon. Running is a part of this sport and I’m regionally quite successful. Therefore, I’m very happy to participate in an international competition."

Now, the team has the opportunity to see how well it can finish in Rochester — an effort that will be well documented at the company, as was the victory at Frankfurt.

"There are several communication media, where the success of our team was presented," said Klingenberger, who works as a sports scientist in addition to his job at Runners Point, has two children, and charts his workout schedule meticulously to find the time to train. "For example, there is a monthly magazine (Run2), which is a giveaway for our customers. And in this magazine there was a big article about our victory."

The Frankfurt victory also comes up often in the company's intranet and in personal conversations with customers, said Neuhart.

"It's still an important topic," he said. "You don’t get those opportunities that often."

So what are the team's goals as it prepares to run in America?

"My personal goal is a finish time under 17:30," said Göckeritz. "This would be an improvement of more than 20 seconds compared to my finish time in Frankfurt. As a team, we want to arrive as far ahead as possible. I consider place 2-6 to be realistic and would be very happy to clinch a podium place."

Klingenberger also is optimistic as he looks ahead.

"On April 7, I will run the marathon in Freiburg (Germany), so I think, I will be in good running shape on May 21st when the Championship in Rochester will take place," he said. "We could win the run with our team in Frankfurt and I could finish with a top ten individual position, so I think that we can achieve a good position at the Championship. For me, I want to give my very best and try to go to my physical limit, so I can say: I did the best I could do!"

Neuhart summed up the aspirations well.

"My personal goal is to beat my finish time from Frankfurt significantly," he said. "As a team, we want to justify the “Runner” in our company name — RUNNERS POINT."

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