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Frankfurt at a Glance
Date: 13 June 2017
Place: Opernplatz
Start: 19.30 Uhr
Phone: +49 (0)69-6860-7015
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The camaraderie and team spirit of the 2010 J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt is reflected in images (clockwise from top): Participants lingering to enjoy the post-race party after dark in front of the well-lit Old Opera House; some of the 72,741 in front of Nesse Tower; a team having a swimmingly good time; enthusiasm on the sidelines; and participants reading a special Corporate Challenge insert in the Frankfurter Allgemine-Zeitung.

xperienced talent prevails
at world's largest race

Chayriguet, Schulz add
to their Frankfurt Corporate Challenge résumés
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A check for €218,223 made out to race beneficiary German Sports Aid is displayed prior to the race.
FRANKFURT, June 9, 2010 — Christophe Chayriguet and Jenny Schulz are both very accomplished runners, and at this moment they hold a unique distinction: They are the individual winners at the world's most-attended road race to date in 2010.

The 18th annual J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt drew a remarkable crowd — 72,741 participants from 2,752 companies. That gathering was 5-percent larger than the 2009 attendance of 69,042 and the second largest in Frankfurt history, trailing only the 73,719 that took part in 2008.

Chayriguet, running for Bongrain Deutschland, earned his second Corporate Challenge title, covering the 5.6km (3.5 miles) course in 16:34, just two ticks ahead of Manuel Stöckert, representing BPA Würzburg. Chayriguet is an amazingly consistent runner as illustrated by his 2009 runner-up time (16:40) and his tape-breaking 2007 effort (16:37).

“The start of the race was very humid, but a slight wind picked up between the skyscrapers,” Chayriguet said, aptly describing the urban downtown Frankfurt race course. “It was a close finish and I built my lead during the final 300 meters. With thousands of spectators along the course, it was an extraordinary race.”

The sight of Schulz finishing first in Frankfurt is an even more familiar one. The Deutsche Bundesbank employee has won three consecutive years, crossing first in 2008 in 19:48, last year in 19:10 and on this night in 19:25. She had a comfortable winning margin over second-place finisher Katharina Heinig of Polizei Hessen (19:50).

Heinig is a great story herself. She is the daughter of Katrin Dörre-Heinig, who was one of the most successful women's marathoner in the world in the 1990's. Katharina has obviously followed in her mom's athletic footsteps while also achieving great work success with the police department.

“I've participated three times and was able to finish first in all three. A true hat trick!” enthused Schulz. “The spectators and the atmosphere were overwhelming. I picked up speed after the second kilometer and managed to hold my lead.”

Participants in the world's largest race to date in 2010 - 72,741 entrants - start their journey through Frankfurt in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge.

Trailing after Chayriguet and Schulz were tens of thousands of runners — no walkers at this event, everybody runs — from companies throughout Germany. Among the largest were Commerzbank (1,936 entrants), Lufthansa (1,313), Deutsche Bank (1,240), Deutsche Bahn (1,089) and Santofi-Aventis (983).

“It's fascinating to see how the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge has developed over the years,” said Dr. Karl-Georg Altenburg, J.P Morgan CEO for Germany/Austria/Switzerland. “Team spirit is what really counts in the business world and that is what this event is all about.”

Dr. Philipp Rösler, the Federal Minister of Health, was among the race night VIP's and could sense the high level of camaraderie on the starting line.

“The focus of this race is definitely on the companies,” Rösler said. “This brings all employees closer together, and I think that is great.

“Sport supports health, to be active is part of prevention,” Rösler continued. “I have had many meetings about this theme with employers, trade unions and health insurers.”

In partnership with the Corporate Challenge, J.P. Morgan made a donation of €218,223 to German Sports Aid, targeting eight programs for handicapped athletes. The program is entitled J.P. Morgan Helps: Handicapped Kids in Motion and it is the fourth consecutive year that the Corporate Challenge has supported this effort.

“This is an extraordinary event,” said Michael Ilgner, CEO of German Sports Aid. “We benefit greatly from it, but so do the companies participating. Everybody wins.”

The runners came from 323 cities from throughout Germany. One-third of the field came from distant cities such as Düsseldorf, Berlin, Stuttgart, Cologne, Freiburg and Munich.

One company travelled more than 700km, from the island of Amrum, located in the North Sea. The Captains House hotel brought down several staff members after hearing several guests through the years rave about “this huge race in Frankfurt.” The staff had to experience it for themselves, and they did.

That sums up the appeal of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt.

(For more coverage and photos of the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge in Frankfurt, please visit our German language web site at http://www.jpmccc.de/ )

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